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Reduce your CO2 footprint with our experts

Do you want to make your business more sustainable and create a green image? Our expert consultants are here to help! With years of commercial experience and a deep passion for sustainability, we offer tailor-made solutions that reduce your environmental impact and improve your business operations.

What can you expect?

1. Comprehensive Intake & Zero Measurement

We start with a comprehensive intake of your company, during which we carry out a zero measurement and draw up a detailed advisory report. This report gives you a clear picture of your current situation and offers concrete recommendations for improvements.

2. Implementation & Support

Based on the advisory report, you can decide to take further steps. We can take the burden off your hands completely by monitoring the entire process and providing guidance where needed, so that you can be sure that the implementation runs smoothly.

3. Certification

In the final step, we take care of the certification process. This gives you official recognition for your sustainable efforts, which sends a strong signal not only internally but also to customers.

Entrepreneurs must become more sustainable

Whether it's installing solar panels, switching to an electric fleet, or optimizing energy consumption within the company, sustainability is inevitable. As an entrepreneur, you know that image and setting the right example are crucial for a stable business in 2024. At CO2.EU, we are convinced that with the right expertise and support, we can accelerate your sustainability.

Our Team

Mark Vijver

Function: Owner of CO2.EU and CO2.NL Mark brings a wealth of experience from various CO2-related businesses.

Jeroen Muis

Function: Owner EnergieSlimAdvies Jeroen is a certified independent consultant with extensive experience in municipal actions and advising both consumers and businesses.

Erik van Hoof

Function: Entrepreneur and Professor Erik is our heavyweight in the field of technical knowledge. With his background as a professor, he provides in-depth advice that perfectly matches your specific needs.

Why choose CO2.EU?

We offer a total solution to your sustainability issues. From the first moment of contact, we strive for the best and most sustainable outcome for your company. Our approach is fully tailored to your wishes and needs, so that you can confidently take the step towards a more sustainable future.

Contact us today and discover how we can help your company become more sustainable and efficient! You can do this via or via our chat function, where you can leave your details. You can also indicate there that you would like to be called back. Of course, you can also call Mark Vijver on 0031654781233 or Jeroen Muis on 0031623944510.

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