Household CO2 Credits

"It is important that we all concern ourselves with global warming and its consequences for our climate and the planet. It appears that you are aware of the seriousness of the situation and are seeking ways to reduce your carbon footprint. The past summer has shown the problems that arise when the Earth continues to warm.Purchasing CO2 Credits can certainly be a way to reduce your environmental impact.

The principle behind CO2 Credits is that you invest in projects that offset CO2 emissions elsewhere in the world, such as investing in forestry projects or renewable energy sources. This allows you to compensate for your own emissions and make a positive contribution to reducing global emissions.

Reducing your own CO2 emissions by taking energy-efficient measures in your home, such as improving insulation, using energy-efficient appliances, and transitioning to renewable energy sources, is also a highly effective way to contribute to mitigating climate change. Lowering your personal CO2 emissions not only contributes to reducing the average emissions but can also inspire others to do the same.

So, yes, it is important to be concerned about global warming, and taking action, whether through CO2 Credits or energy-saving measures in your home, is a step in the right direction to reduce the impact of climate change.

We sell the Credits at €110 excluding VAT, which amounts to €133.1 including VAT. If you purchase them voluntarily as a business, you can, of course, reclaim the VAT. After completing your purchase, you will receive the certificates in your mailbox within 72 hours. The certificates will be registered in your name in the ONCRA register, which is accessible at all times, and your certificates will be registered under your name. Your CO2 emissions are, therefore, genuinely offset.

An average household consists of 2.5 residents. If you want to compensate for your entire CO2 emissions, we advise you to purchase the following quantities:

1 person:   04 certificates
2 persons: 07 certificates
3 persons: 10 certificates
4 persons: 14 certificates
5 persons: 17 certificates
6 persons: 20 certificates
7 persons: 24 certificates

We sincerely thank you for your contribution to a better living climate. If you have a very large family, it is also possible to place multiple orders.

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