Solarpad 380WP Accessory Set

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Product Description
Enhance the functionality and convenience of your Solarpad 380WP solar panel with our meticulously curated accessory set. The Solarpad 380WP Accessory Set includes essential items designed to optimize both outdoor and indoor usage, ensuring seamless operation and monitoring.

In this accessory set, you will find eight durable rubber screw feet specially designed for outdoor use, providing stability and protection for your Solarpad. Additionally, a 5-meter outdoor extension cable is included, allowing for flexible positioning and efficient power distribution.

For effortless indoor monitoring and management, we introduce the Smart Wifi+Bluetooth Cubie. This smart device elevates your solar panel experience by enabling remote control and monitoring through both WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. Refer to the user manual for detailed instructions and make the most out of your solar power setup.


  • Rubber Screw Feet: 8 x rubber screw feet for secure installation and stability in outdoor settings.
  • Extension Cable: 1 x 5-meter extension cable designed for outdoor use, ensuring flexibility in placement and connectivity.
  • Smart Wifi+Bluetooth Cubie: 1 x intelligent device for indoor use, enabling seamless monitoring and control of your Solarpad.
  • User Manual: 1 x comprehensive user manual for easy setup and optimal utilization of the accessory set.

We stand by the quality of our Smart Wifi+Bluetooth Cubie, offering a 1-year warranty to provide you with peace of mind. Feel confident in your investment as you harness the power of solar energy with .


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